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THE CATHOLIC JOURNALIST CATHOLIC PRESS ASSOCIATION OF THE UNITED STATES AND CANADA VOLUME 67 NUMBER 11 JANUARY 2016 By Tim Walter Executive Director Strategic Planning Focus The Board of Directors of the Catholic Press Association held its semi-annual meeting this past November in St. Louis at the site of the upcoming 2016 Catholic Media Conference. The focus of the meeting was strategic planning; consultant Paul Henderson of Pastoral Strategies facilitated the discussion. The end-result was a revised mission statement and three strategic goals for 2016-2018. As a result of the planning discussions directors agreed that it would be a good idea to let members know what was accomplished in the previous set of goals and to report each month on progress made toward the new set of goals. For your review then, is the 2012 plan along with a short summary of the progress made toward each goal. Following that you will find, the 2016 Mission Statement and three goals to shape the upcoming planning process. 2012-2015 Goals Strategic Goal: CPA has a strong, focused, and engaging mission that positions the association to more effectively support and strengthen Catholic communications. Outcome Objectives Refine and focus our mission to better serve the needs of all Catholic communicators by late 2013. Increase the visibility, expertise, and the acknowledged credibility of Catholic media by 2015. Progress: The CPA has positioned itself through its consultation services and Catholic Media Conference to welcome and serve a wide variety of Catholic communicators. The consultation services have assisted nearly a dozen dioceses in the past 24 months and the partner base for the Conference equates to 30% of its attendees. Part of the 2016 strategic plan will be developing dues and membership structures for digital-only members. Strategic Goal: CPA has achieved organizational and financial stability resulting in greater services to its members and an increase value to the overall mission of Catholic communications. Outcome Objectives Achieve financial and resource stability within the association by late 2014 Please turn to page 2 Here's the plan Tell us what you think Several changes to the annual Catholic Press Awards have been made for 2016 in an attempt to simplify the submission process. Changes were announced by Franciscan Father Pat McCloskey, chairperson on the CPA Awards and Service Recognition Committee. Changes include: 1. Category numbering system within the All Member, Magazine/ Newsletter, Newspaper, and Spanish divisions: Because we "retire" the numbers of categories no longer being judged, the numbering sequence has intentional gaps. You can find new categories at the end of each division's award packet, available at http:// www.catholicpress. org/?page=Awards. If you entered a category last year, it will have the same number in 2016 in the All Member, Magazine/ Newsletter, and Spanish divisions. Several category titles and descriptions have been tweaked. Fewer categories require hard copy submissions. 2. Some newspaper categories have a slight numbering variation because we reduced the circulation tiers from three to two (25,000 and under or 25,001 and over) and then subdivided those tiers into Weekly (40 or more times a year) and Non-weekly (less than 40 times a year). Please note: All Publication and Freelance Members may submit one entry free of charge . We hope that every eligible member sends in one entry. Key Dates : Contest opens: Monday, Jan. 4, 2016 Contest closes: Friday, Feb. 5, 2016 Entry Fee : $36 per entry All winners will be announced during the 2016 Catholic Media Conference Awards Banquet on June 3, 2016 in St. Louis, Missouri. After the banquet, all winners will be posted at If you have any question about the contest or attending the Catholic Media Conference in 2016, please contact the CPA office by phone or email efreed-brown@ Changes aim to simplify CPA awards procedure; deadline for entries Feb. 5

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