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THE CATHOLIC JOURNALIST CATHOLIC PRESS ASSOCIATION OF THE UNITED STATES AND CANADA VOLUME 68 NUMBER 11 JANUARY 2017 By Matt Schiller President Where has 2016 gone? The Year of Mercy has drawn to a close. The never-ending presidential election campaign has ended. The Cubs won the World Series! Another amazing year is history. We mourn the passing of some great friends and colleagues. We see the media landscape continue to shift as our organizations work diligently to find the best ways to share our messages of faith. Some publications and platforms have gone silent, some have evolved, many have reorganized and have well-developed plans for their future. One of the great management principles that I was reminded of several times this year is that we can accomplish so much more together than we can alone. That is the very reason for the Catholic Press Association's existence. Our purpose is to welcome, share, support, encourage and strengthen each member for all members. It was a good year Here are some 2016 highlights: Our membership continues to grow in many categories. We have reached out to new categories of membership and added to our awards program. We have assembled a solid educational program will roll out in 2017 to provide our members with professional development tools and new skill sets. We have planned an exceptional experience as we gather at CMC17 next June in Quebec City. For a better year As we begin 2017, let us resolve: To keep each other in our prayers. To remember that family always comes first. To stay connected with colleagues. To believe that we do not face challenges alone. To smile. To always be open to learning. To give hugs when they are needed. To share your talent and your experience. To not be afraid to cry. To believe that what we do is important to our church. This month, on Jan. 24 we celebrate the Feast of St. Francis de Sales, patron saint of Catholic journalists. On that Tuesday, try to make it to Mass and remind yourself to ask St. Francis de Sales to continue to watch over and inspire us in our work. St. Francis de Sales, pray for us. No plans yet for Catholic Press Month? We've got your back There's still time to promote your media products for February's Catholic Press Month. Here are some ideas you might consider: Host a breakfast for those who work in the building where you office. It could be as simple as doughnuts and Danish and a bowl of fruit. Penny Wiegert for a number of years has prepared a delicious hot breakfast for the staff of the chancery in Rockford, Illinois. Use the meal as a chance to thank everyone for their cooperation the past year, and give a preview of your plans for 2017. Invite readers to share why they value your publication, website or social media, and publish or post as many as you can. Make a contest out of it: Enter every respondent's name in a drawing for a gift card or other prize - maybe one donated by an advertiser! Have staff members write a brief personal reflection about the best part of working in Catholic media, and use a photo or video of them on the job with the story. Profile a person who uses your work in his or her ministry. Teachers, preachers, parents who clip articles and tack them to the fridge, web viewers who regularly retweet or share your social media posts. Write an editorial reminding readers and viewers why Catholic media matter to them. 2016 in the rearview mirror . . . . . . Plus a few resolutions for the road ahead Schiller

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