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THE CATHOLIC JOURNALIST CATHOLIC PRESS ASSOCIATION OF THE UNITED STATES AND CANADA VOLUME 67 NUMBER 4 MAY 2015 It's a good time to start looking to CPA's future; member feedback sought Master Camps They'll provide something for everyone this June at CMC 2015 in Buffalo File photo By Patrick J. Buechi Western New York Catholic The Catholic Media Conference will devote the first day of CMC 2015 to Master Camps. More thorough than a workshop, Master Camps are intensive educational sessions designed to increase skills specific areas, and CMC15 will have them in five different categories: Advertising & Business Communications Digital Media Editorial & Design General Interest. Each Master Camp is comprised of one morning session and one afternoon session. Participants may choose to attend both sessions in a particular field, one session, or mix and match. Each session is two and a half hours long. Advertising & Business The Advertising Master Camp will deal with new technology and old school fundamentals. The morning session, Make Your Website Advertising Soar will deal with digital advertising, while the afternoon session, What Makes a Good Prospect and How to Reach Them, deals with reaching new and solid advertisers. Communications Both Communications sessions will see Barry McLoughlin offer a USCCB Communications seminar. A former television writer, producer and editor, McLoughlin, an internationally recognized media consultant, is the author of the Communicate with Power pocket book series used in the seminars. McLoughlin Media seminars have been presented by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops since 1997 in more than 45 cities. Digital Media To address a growing trend of video being used on websites, the Digital Media Master Camp will have introductory and advanced video sessions. Billy Atwell, director of communications for the Diocese of Raleigh, N.C., will teach Video 101. Buffalo News photographer and videographer Jim McCoy will follow up with Video 102. We wanted to do an intro to video, but because some people already do video, they don't need an introductory course. So, we decided to split it into two - Video 101 and Video 102, explained Patrick McPartland, photographer for the Western New York Catholic , the newspaper for the host diocese of Buffalo, N.Y. It's two separate Master Camps. If you already know and understand video, you can go to 102. But, if you're like us and just starting out, going to 101 and 102 would be better. Please turn to page 2 By Tim Walter Executive director Dear members: I have good news. Preliminary reports from our 2014 audit indicate that the CPA has weathered the struggles of the recession and improved its financial outlook. So, as we finalize plans for our membership meeting in Buffalo, N.Y., this June, I invite your feedback on the future of the CPA. Prior to the CMC all members will receive the second edition of the Catholic Press Association's Annual Report. The purpose is to give you an accurate view of CPA activities and its financial health. This year it will also include a report from the executive director, a condensed summary of what is presented to the directors at the annual board meeting. With this background in hand it may be possible to shift the focus of the member meeting from reporting, to one of planning. This is where your input becomes critical. With the future in mind, items for discussion include: Member benefit programs, what do members want the association to accomplish? Examples might include consultations, training programs, research, career center, and employee networking. What new programs are needed? Membership growth from within our ranks, but also of new partners and relationships not developed in the past. Where can we look for new members? How do we bring back lapsed members? Are Catholic universities and colleges viable options? Is it time for digital-only membership guidelines and rates. What ideas do you have? Non-member revenue programs reduce the burden of financial support required from dues and event participation. Examples of this include: Expanding the awards program. Developing the tour/pilgrimage model used with diocesan fund- raising programs. Expanding the efforts of the Catholic Press Advertising Service. Expanding the CMC and webinar programs to non- members. Which programs to you see as most helpful? 2017 CMC site and the opportunity for an international event in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada Affordable hotel rates at Laval University. Continued on page 6 Walter

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