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June 2018 Magazine & Newsletter Awards The Catholic Journalist 11 Honorable Mention Catholic Southwest, A Journal of History and Culture, "Book Review Section of 2017 issue of Catholic Southwest" by Thomas Jodziewicz M23a: BEST IN-DEPTH/ ANALYSIS WRITING: Best In-Depth Writing First Place Columbia, "The Knights vs. the Klan" by Kevin Coyne This article stood out for its ability to revisit history in a storytelling manner that allows the facts not to overload the reader but rather allow the reader insight into how complex situations unfolded distinguishing between fact and fiction in a compelling and engaging way. Second Place America Media, "Looking for hope in Gaza" by Matt Malone, S.J. The author creates a very interesting and unique perspective on an often talked about but rarely seen part of the world using firsthand experience, retold vividly as well as backed by investigation. Third Place ONE Magazine, "Anxiety in Cairo" by Magdy Samaan The author was able to show a large issue through an individual's experience, while broadening the scope through solid research. Honorable Mentions ONE Magazine, "Hard Choices" by Raed Rafei FAITH Magazine, Diocese of Lansing, "Immigration Special Report" by FAITH staff M23b: BEST IN-DEPTH/ ANALYSIS WRITING: Best Analysis Writing First Place America Media, "Christianity's Russian Temptation" by Sohrab Ahmari This article stood out for both the depth of its investigation and its ability to explain very nuanced political and theological positions that did not simplify the complexity of the situation while still clarifying it in such a way as to make it accessible to the everyday reader. Second Place Glenmary Challenge, "1 Body in Christ" by John Stegeman An inspiring story, told through a clear writer's voice focused on presenting an honest portrayal of both sides of the issue, with great use of the interview to compel the story. Third Place Santa Clara Magazine, "Artificial Intelligence and Public Trust" by Shannon Vallor Author's writing made a difficult-to- understand topic more relatable to the reader in a way that could appeal to readers with or without knowledge of artificial intelligence. Clear, detailed writing made for a very interesting read. Honorable Mention North Texas Catholic Magazine, "Seeing with the Heart of Jesus" by Susan Moses and Juan Guajardo The Linacre Quarterly, "Pope John Paul II and the Neurological Standard for the Determination of Death: A Critical Analysis of His Address to the Transplantation Society" by Doyen Nguyen, M.D., S.T.L. M24a: BEST FEATURE ARTICLE: National General Interest Magazine First Place America Media, "Lessons on evangelization from the largest parish in the United States" by Leah Libresco Excellent sense of people and place. Second Place America Media, "When a Jew and a Catholic Marry" by Mark Oppenheimer Thought-provoking article. Nice selection of subjects and good flow. Third Place Claretian Publications, "First you survive" by Gwen McClure Well-written with excellent incorporation of information and quotations. Solid story. Honorable Mention America Media, "Walking with Peter" by Michael J. O'Loughlin M24b: BEST FEATURE ARTICLE: Diocesan Magazine First Place The East Tennessee Catholic Magazine, "Reaching Out From Ground Zero" by Bill Brewer Beautiful, well-rounded coverage. A pleasure to read and subjects and locations come alive. Second Place Angelus, "Moms in prison" by R.W. Dellinger Environmental details and subjects' emotions and personalities are expressed well and greatly enhance the overall purpose of the article. Third Place FAITH Magazine, Diocese of Lansing, "Walking the Streets of one of America's Poorest Cities" by Patrick O'Brien Good flow, well-written, satisfying conclusion, M24c: BEST FEATURE ARTICLE: Mission Magazine (Overseas and Home) First Place Comboni Missions, "The Miracle of Fatima" by Kathleen M. Carroll Enthralling read rich with details and sense of place. Second Place Maryknoll magazine, "Son, Pray for Me" by David R. Aquije Excellent incorporation of subjects' experiences to illustrate the greater story. Third Place Northwest Catholic, "Living under Jesus' roof" by Kevin Birnbaum Enjoyable read and great use of language. M24d: BEST FEATURE ARTICLE: Religious Order Magazine First Place Jesuits Magazine, "With Others. For Others" Nice coverage of a perhaps often overlooked need. Quotes provide liveliness and a sense of place. Second Place E-Service Newsletter, "Catholic Communicators meet in Quebec" by Fr. Mike Mendl, SDB Well-rounded and cohesive article with several good takeaways for communicators. Third Place E-Service Newsletter, "It's a Girl!" by Bro. Rob Malusa, SDB Interesting details of both the project and how the local people are using and benefiting from it. M24e: BEST FEATURE ARTICLE: Professional & Special Interest Magazine, Including Clergy & Religious First Place Health Progress, "Knowledge Is Key for Safety-Net Providers: Undocumented Patients May Not Know Their Health- Related and Legal Rights" by Nancy Berlinger, PhD, Laura Guidry-Grimes, PhD, Adira Hulkower, JD Thorough and incredibly interesting and informative read. Nice divisions and bulleted information. Second Place Health Progress, "Children Who Give Care Are Overlooked" by David Lewellen Excellent coverage of the topic. Nice lead and use of examples. Third Place Health Progress, "What is Your Name?' Looking for Humanity In the Heroin Epidemic" by Laura McKinnis, APNP Honorable Mention Health Progress, "Universities Seek DACA Recipient Strategies: Support, Advocacy For Medical Students" by Mark Kuczewski, PhD Sunny Nakae, MSW, PhD M24f: BEST FEATURE ARTICLE: Scholarly Magazine First Place American Catholic Studies, "Our Dear Houses Are Here, There + Every Where": The Convent Revolution in Antebellum America" by Joseph G. Mannard Excellent use of historical facts to develop the article and elaborate on changes both in the religious and secular culture of the time. Second Place The Linacre Quarterly, Catholic Medical Association, "Devastating Consequences of Sex Trafficking on Women's Health" by Fr. James McTavish, F.M.V.D., M.D. A highly relevant article with extensive details covering the many facets of identifying sex trafficking and helping its victims to heal. Nicely organized. Third Place American Catholic Studies, "An Illustrated Framework for the History of Catholic Immigrant Aid Societies" by Mary Elizabeth Brown M 24h

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