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Good use of historical facts and political/cultural events to show the need for and effects of Catholic services to immigrants. M24g: BEST FEATURE ARTICLE: Prayer & Spirituality Magazine First Place Signs and Wonders for Our Times, "Holy Angels at Work: Why Consecration to Your Guardian Angel is Important for These Times" by Joseph Albino Good use of personal experience to illustrate the topic and answer questions readers might have about consecration to your guardian angel. Second Place Soul Magazine, "A tribute to my father - a witness to the miracle of the sun" by Alice Reis Israel, Barb Ernster, Rachel Matero This article has nice historical context and interest and illustrates how such an experience can influence someone's life. M24h: BEST FEATURE ARTICLE: Newsletter First Place Sharing & Caring, "Si, Senor" by Mary Knapke This story shows an example of devoted service, hitting a fine balance between narrative and detail. Second Place HNP Today, "Collaborative Breakfast a Hit with Breadline Guests" This story puts readers right in the middle of a hopeful and empowered service community. It benefits from candid images and compelling quotes. Third Place HNP Today, "Friars Settle into New Florida Community" by Jocelyn Thomas This story introduces readers to a community of friars who are facing change with a positive and hopeful attitude. M29: BEST REDESIGN First Place The Catholic University of America, "Catholic U Magazine" by Kristin Reavey Lara Fredrickson This redesign elevates the magazine via extraordinary images and a crisp look and feel. Second Place Catechist, "Catechist magazine redesign" by DESIGN and ART DIRECTION: Bill Johnson, Ted Schluenderfritz EDITORIAL: Danielle Bean, Publisher; Pat Gohn, Editor CEO: Hugues De Foucauld This redesign meets the stated objectives. The new look and feel is crisp and inviting to the reader. The images are high quality and impactful. Third Place America Media, "America-The Jesuit Review" by America staff This redesign moved this magazine to a cleaner and more compelling look. Both the external and the internal design look modern and inviting. M30: BEST COVERAGE OF SHARE THE JOURNEY First Place ONE Magazine, "Hard Choices; "When Iraqis Come Home"; No Place Like Home" by Raed Rafei, Emeline Wuilbercq The story and video about Christian towns rebuilding in Iraq after the defeat of Islamic State involved difficult, nuanced reporting that wove detailed individual stories into the larger political context. The people interviewed felt comfortable enough to open up about their hopes and concerns as they try to restart businesses and raise their families. A descriptive and lively story about a cooking school in Ethiopia showed one promising effort to raise women's skills and allow them to stay in their home country or return after a period of migration for economic reasons. Second Place ONE Magazine, "Hardship and Hospitality; "Love Against All Odds in Zahleh"; The Displaced" by Raed Rafei, Mark Raczkiewycz The story and video about Syrian Christian refugees in Lebanon tell the powerful story of one family, a Lebanese husband and Syrian wife, as a way to illustrate the possibilities of reconciliation in a tense and economically challenged community. In those pieces and an additional story about internally displaced Ukrainian citizens, people whose fates are too often discussed in abstract policy terms come to the foreground and have an opportunity to share their own experiences. Third Place ONE Magazine, "Middle East Christians on the Move, Escaping Syria, Found in Translation" by ONE editorial staff, Gayane Abrahamyan, Michele Chabin An interactive map about the migrations of Middle Eastern Christians uses detailed research to describe the on-the- ground situation in eight different countries, filling in gaps in previous reporting. Accompanying stories about Syrian refugees in Armenia and migrants and refugees in Israel poignantly demonstrate the difficult journeys families have made, both physically and emotionally, as well as the compassion of those who work to support them. M34: BEST TITLE AND LEAD-IN First Place SALUTE, "Army Beats Navy on Hail Mary" by Archbishop Timothy P. Broglio, President of the Editorial Board; Monsignor John J.M. Foster, Editorial Director; Jo Ann Redmond, Editor; Taylor Henry, Writer Title avoids that cliche by leaving out the article ("a"). Very good narrative from the start. Moves right along drawing the reader in with just enough skepticism about the overall tale. Second Place Columbia, "The Knights vs. the Klan" by Kevin Coyne Title raises enough curiosity to draw reader in. The lead-in is just too strong to not go on into to an impressive narrative overall. Third Place FAITH along Michigan's 45th parallel, "All I did was take a walk in the woods" by Chris Jenkins Title is just short of prosaic - but just strong enough so reader wants to know what the walk led to. Lead-in strongly grabs reader and narrative keeps you reading. Honorable Mentions FAITH Magazine, Diocese of Lansing, "'I will be ready': Gordon waits for God to call him home" by Rose Robertson FAITH Magazine, Diocese of Lansing, "Walking the streets of one of America's poorest cities: What is a deacon from Chelsea doing in Flint?" by Patrick O'Brien M35: BEST REPORTING ON A SPECIAL AGE GROUP First Place America Media, "Ministry and Millennials" by Zac Davis 12 The Catholic Journalist Magazine & Newsletter Awards June 2018 M 29 M 30

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