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THE CATHOLIC JOURNALIST CATHOLIC PRESS ASSOCIATION OF THE UNITED STATES AND CANADA VOLUME 69 NUMBER 5 AUGUST 2017 By Bob Zyskowski The Catholic Journalist Why some publications - print and digital alike - win awards from the Catholic Press Association becomes clear with a long, hard look through the judges' comments in the annual awards issue of The Catholic Journalist. Insight into the what makes an award winner won't be found in the comments under every entry, but there are so many detailed points made by the judges - and so many times the rationale is duplicated in several awards - one can easily surmise that emulating an award winner would improve one's own journalistic efforts. Here's a healthy sampling of the judges' comments from the recent 2017 awards competition. Go and do likewise. For print circulation campaign: No doubt what the campaign was attempting via its direct message. Multifaceted, planned and well- executed campaign. Cohesive. Clean. Clear. Good call to action. Good effort (checklists, etc.). good explanations. Good incentives. Execellent results provided. For blogs: It demonstrates the ways to integrate Catholicism into everyday life. Diverse articles demonstsrate that faith can be something that weaves through all aspects of life. There was an abundance of content . . . demonstrates a commitment to the blog. Compared to other blogs, this one has much more variety in content. The content is personal, yet applicable to a large audience. . . . takes the conversation a step beyond the black and white . . . and adds an extra layer of consideration. For online content not published in print: It starts with good writing, but it gets better from there - excellent use of video and slideshows take advantage of alternative storytelling. . . . multiple sources, good lead-writing . . . . . . a great job telling people's stories. For video: Excellent camera work, very nice edit, good content construction. Impactful and impressive piece. . . . important story, really great message. . . . excellent content construction. Strong storytelling and news writing. For electronic newsletters: Very clean and simple design. Easy and fun to read. "Newsy" commentary and photos. . . .Many links demand to be clicked on, which is a good thing. For writer of the year: . . . covers a combination of serious and light topics. . . . uplifting messages. . . . tells stories that touch the heart. Excellent reporting and writing. The topics covered were really powerful. . . . covered local stories that had much greater implications and applications. . . . relatable to people and struggles all over the country and the world. . . . writing is crisp and authoritative. . . . stories flow beautifully. For photography: The quality and use of light in each photo adds to the story. Tight cropping and well-layered images. Engaging, high-quality imagery . . . People's expressions make the story . . . Please turn to page 8 From the president Look for additional education, networking opportunities soon By Joe Towalski CPA President I'm honored to have been elected to serve as president of the Catholic Press Association. I look forward to working with the talented and dedicated women and men on the board of directors over the next two years as we plan for the association's future. I especially want to thank our past president, Matt Schiller, and the CPA's executive director, Tim Walter, for their great leadership and for keeping the board and association focused on effectively serving its members - all of you - who work as journalists, communications directors, ad managers, digital media professionals and in so many other communications positions that serve the church. For the last several years, I was chair of the CPA's Membership Committee. When new applications were submitted, I assigned them to committee members who would contact the applicants and answer any questions they might have. I always asked the applicants what they hoped to get from their membership, and I almost always received the same answer: ongoing education and networking opportunities. One area the CPA will focus on is continuing to move forward with our strategic goal of having a robust education department. Jennifer Brinker, who chairs the Education Committee, has some great plans in the works, including weekly webinars this fall on a wide variety of topics of interest to Catholic communicators. Our annual Catholic Media Conference is perhaps the best way to network with fellow communications professionals. It provides a great opportunity to learn from one another, commiserate over the challenges we face, and share ideas and success stories. I would like to increase the opportunities for networking, whether in person or online. We are energized and our ministries benefit when we are able to come together and share with one another. We also need to look at the changing needs of our members and our changing membership. Our membership is growing: More people are joining as freelancers and affiliate members, who are not necessarily connected directly to publications. What does this mean for us, and our identity, as an association? That's something the board will be looking it. Last, I want to mention the importance of participation. This association exists to serve you. So I want to encourage your participation and input. If you have an idea, a question or even a complaint, please contact me or another board member. If you've been thinking about becoming more active in the CPA, please consider serving on one of the association's committees or writing an article for The Catholic Journalist. I'm here to help and answer your questions you may have. You can reach me anytime at or 320-258-7624. This is a great association that is only getting stronger and better with your contributions. I look forward to serving you. Towalski Why THEY won awards . . . . . . and what YOU might do to win some

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