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THE CATHOLIC JOURNALIST CATHOLIC PRESS ASSOCIATION OF THE UNITED STATES AND CANADA VOLUME 67 NUMBER 8 OCTOBER 2015 Did CPA prayer service pave way for Francis? When the pope spoke recently at Independence Hall, the door may have been opened by Catholic Press folks way back in 1983 By Joseph Kirk Ryan The Dialog As a native Philadelphian, I'm proud of the city's Independence Hall, the Pennsylvania State House that became the birthplace of the United States when the Founding Fathers approved the Declaration of Independence there in 1776. The lightning of history struck the building again, in 1787, when during what's been called the "Miracle at Philadelphia," a federal convention there produced the resilient Constitution of the United States. When Pope Francis spoke Sept. 26 at Independence Hall about religious liberty, he mentioned Philadelphia's founding by the Quakers, led by the Society of Friends' William Penn, who established religious tolerance in his colony. Penn anticipated the First Amendment of the Constitution when he wrote in the Pennsylvania Charter of Liberties, "No people can be truly happy, though under the greatest enjoyment of civil liberties, if abridged of the Freedom of their Conscience as to their Religious Profession or Worship." When the pope spoke on religious freedom at the Hall, it was easy to wonder how many Founding Fathers would have been appalled by the "pope of Rome" being welcomed to speak to the U.S. Congress or even in front of the hall. When Al Smith, a Catholic governor of New York, ran for president in 1928, and even when John Kennedy ran in 1960, anti-Catholic bigotry was stirred. But Francis spoke to Congress and even uttered a prayer, "God bless America," and the country did not become a Vatican state. A first Speaking of the pope, religious liberty and Independence Hall, I was privileged to attend a prayer service at Independence Hall in 1983. That's when members of Catholic Press Association gathered for a convention in Philadelphia and we were welcomed into an "upstairs room" in the Hall by the National Park Service. The prayers were led by Archbishop Stephen Sulyk, head of the Ukrainian Archdiocese of Philadelphia. The park's service representative told Msgr. John P. Foley, the editor of the Catholic Standard and Times back then, that the journalists' prayers in the long gallery marked the first time in its history that Independence Hall had been used for a prayer service. Next time I accompany friends from out of town to Independence Hall, I'll glance at those stairs up to the now off limits second floor and credit the Catholic Press Association for paving the way for another Catholic event at the Hall's front door 32 years later - Pope Francis' address. The pope last week echoed both Penn and the Please turn to page 2 By Tim Walter Executive Director Dear members: There are two new items to bring to your attention this month; our Press Award winners and the minutes from the Annual Member Meeting are now viewable online. Many of you know that I am a daily train commuter, riding the Amtrak Hiawatha from Milwaukee to Chicago each day. It is apparent that I'm one of the old guys who still brings the morning paper along and practices the lost art of making a beautiful eighth-page, two-column fold to read without my elbows poking the person next to me or covering up their computer screen with a drooping edge. As much as we all like to hold a print publication in our hands, there are some positives to the digital world, and here's one that improves member access to our award program, an online Awards Gallery. It was only six years ago that members were still required to send in two-to-four hard copies of every entry into the Catholic Press Awards. The office collected those copies, sorted and tagged them and sent copies to the judges, keeping an extra copy in the office. After judging, the winners were sorted from the pack, and office staff would photograph or scan them and convert them into pictures to be used in the Award PowerPoint presentation at the annual convention. I remember seeing slides of winners that had the headline outlined in yellow maker and ones with pages pasted together where a jump occurred. After the contest, the office shipped all the winning entries to the convention site and put them on tables for display after the Friday evening banquet. Attendees would walk the room and look at the winning submissions, but never really had enough time to get a good look at their colleagues work. On top of that, all the mailing and shipping was expensive for both members and the association. Driven to be digital Slowly but surely we all moved into the digital age and learned to make PDF's of our pages and how to attach them in a database for the contest, and now here we are today in an almost completely digital environment for our awards. However, with the move to a digital platform we no longer sent hard copies to the conference for viewing after the banquet. With that in mind, I hope you find the latest improvement a huge benefit over the previous system and one beneficial to your mission and daily work. With our new software company, Open Water, Please turn to page 2 Now all can see CPA's best New Awards Gallery allows online viewing of CPA award winners Awards Gallery Follow this link to the CPA Awards Gallery: https://catholicpress. organizations/main/home

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