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THE CATHOLIC JOURNALIST CATHOLIC PRESS ASSOCIATION OF THE UNITED STATES AND CANADA VOLUME 68 NUMBER 8 OCTOBER 2016 During the 2016 Catholic Media Conference in St. Louis, Bishop Edward Braxton of Belleville, Illinois, challenged Catholic media to lead the way and stop using the words "minority" and "minority group" because their use contributes to racial profiling and stereotyping. The Catholic Journalist invited members of the Catholic Press Association to share their reaction and their thoughts to the bishop's suggestion. Two are published here, and more reactions are welcome. What did you think of his challenge? Are there other ideas you have that your publication/media can do to stop the perpetuation of negative racial stereotypes? Anything you have done? It's an important topic that has ramifications for people of every color, ethnicity, country of origin and gender preference. Email responses, please, to The Catholic Journalist at By Jean Gonzalez In terms of the use of the word minority or minority groups, I think instead of debating whether to abandon those words, we should look at the context of why they are used. To say there is a minority is to admit there is a majority, and white people make up the majority in the American Catholic Church. Look at enrollment in parishes. Look at the hierarchy of the Church. Bishop Holley will be only one of eight active black bishops to head a diocese. Out of how many in the United States? That's not just a majority; that's a supermajority. There is the philosophy that erasing the word minority would create the equal footing that every member of the Church, every member of society should be afforded. However, that is an oversimplification of reality. Erasing the word "minority" from our personal lexicons does not erase the reality of who encompasses the majority, nor does it erase the responsibility that comes with being a member of that majority. And that is what needs to be constantly examined. What is OUR responsibility as a member of the majority? Is it just to get rid of a word? Is it to call for peace and harmony? Or is it about crying out where there is injustice? When there are protests that erupt into violence it is not difficult to find a sound clip of a member of the Church saying, "We must be peaceful. We must pray for peace." There are even times when a leader might chastise those who riot when an injustice has been done. Yes, we should be promoting peace, but that cannot be enough. Please turn to page 2 Bishop Braxton's challenge Bishop Edward Braxton waits to greet Catholic media outside St. Louis' Old Cathedral after preaching and presiding at Mass. Photo by Lisa Johnston/St. Louis Review Erasing word 'minority' doesn't erase majority's responsibility for justice EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR'S REPORT We're making progress toward our objectives Walter By Tim Walter Executive Director Dear Members: Once again, as recommended by the board of directors, it is time to provide updates on the CPA Strategic Plan. I am pleased to report that there is much progress since June. The outcomes listed below each goal are aligned to the outcome objectives of the strategic plan. Strategic Goal #1: The Catholic Press Association is a leader in supporting, strengthening and promoting Catholic journalism and other Catholic communications. Outcomes to Date: A. Jennifer Brinker, newly elected director, has accepted the responsibility to chair the Education Committee. Jennifer has two immediate goals: Develop a list of potential training webinars for use in 2017. Facilitate the development of an on- demand educational program tested at the Buffalo CMC in 2015. B. Committees are doing outreach to communication professionals and university students. The Catholic Media Conference is meeting in Quebec City to collaborate with communicators from across the globe. The CPA president will make a presentation to the body of bishops in October. The CPA just received an additional $125,000 grant from the Catholic Communications Campaign to continue providing consultations to member publications and their communication efforts. With the addition of this award, the CPA through the Integrated Communication Initiative brings a quarter million dollars of grant- supported services to members. Strategic Goal #2: The Catholic Press Association welcomes and serves content creators and distributors of Catholic media. Outcomes to Date: A. Individuals are joining the association and approved by the Membership Committee each month. A large percentage of our new members are Affiliate members and communication professionals joining for networking purposes. The CPA is also in discussion with Catholic Academy officers looking at ways for their members to be more involved in CPA activities. An aggressive membership drive will target new members this fall and through March 2017. B. CMC 2017 plans for Quebec City increase our exposure to international publishers. With a goal of three new members by Dec 31, 2018, we are 1/3 of the way there with the Irish Catholic joining the CPA this year. Strategic Goal #3: The Catholic Press Association is a financially stable Please turn to page 2

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